Optical Boutique

At Chapel Hill Eyecare we take great care in assisting each patient in frame selection so that they have the best fit and vision possible. Selecting the proper frame and using the prescription as our guide, we strive to create a designer look with superior vision.

Our goal is to have an enjoyable and educational experience while helping you decide what products best fit your needs. There are a multitude of lens choices: starting with single vision, bifocal, progressive, and specialized computer lenses. The lens options range from thinner materials, photosensitive or transitions, to lenses that reduce glare.

It is our mission to help you make the right decision that fits all your visual and cosmetic needs, while working to meet your budget.

We are now using Freeform glasses lenses as our primary lens options for everything from single vision to progressives or no line bifocals. Freeform lenses offer individually customized lenses that are CNC (computer numerically controlled) produced specifically for each patient and their individual prescription.

Freeform lenses offer the highest quality of vision and minimizes blur and distortion created by traditionally manufactured lenses. Freeform lenses create:

  • Wider field of vision due to back surface design.
  • Maximized visual acuity at all distances.
  • Wider intermediate and near zones.
  • Minimal visual “swim and sway.”

Come in and see what you have been missing!

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Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses help correct vision for distance, near, or computer distance and can be manufactured in a variety of lens materials that may affect how well the vision is corrected.

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Progressive Lenses – Improved Technology

The technology in progressive lenses has improved greatly in the last few years. The ability to create lenses using software and digital processing, known as freeform, creates lenses more precisely, and each lens is tailored for the individual patient. The newest technology has added a handheld area for patients to be more comfortable for devices that are used at a variety of distances. While creating this lens with the handheld area, it has effectively expanded the intermediate distance which is important to everyone.

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Computer Lenses

Computer Vision Sydrome is currently a concern for patients that spend long hours each day on a computer. Many patients that are complaining of burning or red eyes are experienceing fatigue from viewing a computer screen. Computer glasses can help reduce eye fatigue by correcting for intermediate and near distances, which helps the eyes not work as hard.

There are computer lenses that are strictly for computer distance and there are those that are variable focus that can make most all areas within the workspace clear.

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Anti-Reflective Treatment

All lenses reflect a certain amount of light, which causes some of our usable light to be lost. By applying a multi-layer treatment that eliminates reflections, more light goes through the lens, thereby reducing glare and improving vision. One of the most notable effects of Anti-reflective treatment on lenses is that night vision is dramatically enhanced.

Anti-reflective lenses are also helpful in reducing eye fatigue that is typical when reading or prolonged computer use.

Anti-reflective lenses also improve the look of wearing glasses by making your lenses less conspicuous and distracting.

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There is a great deal more to selecting sunglasses than simply what looks good. Lenses can differ in color and quality and even serve different purposes. Some lenses need to filter out more light for maximum protection when fishing, but other lenses improve contrast vision which helps in driving and other sports.

The technology in our office allows us to offer almost every option needed for most lifestyles. When selecting sunglasses it is necessary to select the safest material for the patient’s activites. There are impact resistant lenses that are recommended for certain activities and some that require a more durable lens.

Selecting the correct lens can allow the use of sunwear to be expanded from the typical experience of just picking a pair. We carry the following sunglass lines: Oakley, Maui Jim, and Ray Bans.

Learn more @ www.mauijim.com, www.rayban.com, www.oakley.com

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Sports eyewear

Safety and comfort are the primary considerations when fitting sports glasses.  Any sport has the potential for an eye injury, so let us review the options available to best protect your eyes.

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