COVID-19 New Office Procedures

What to expect as a patient

As illustrated above, all patients must bring and wear their own masks while inside the office. Hand washing / sanitizing will also be required while in the office, and as per CDC guidelines, social distancing of 6 ft should be observed whenever possible.

For your protection, the front office door will be locked at all times until further notice, and only patients with scheduled appointments will be invited inside the office. This allows us to easily maintain social distancing between patients.

Patients must have a scheduled appointment for exams, shopping for glasses, picking up glasses, etc. If you are going to be entering the office, you must have an appointment. You can always call when you arrive and if there is an appointment time available we will be happy to assist you.

In order to decrease exposure time to patients and staff, we are currently requesting that all patient paperwork be done online via our website. All patient paperwork can be submitted electronically here.

Along those same lines, please come to your appointment alone. If someone must accompany you, please limit it to one person. All accompanying guests are subject to the same screening processes.

Patients are instructed to call the office phone number 919.968.4774 from their car when they arrive and we will come to your car for the temperature screening process.

All patients will be verbally screened on the phone and when arriving at the office for any potential exposure to COVID-19. We will also be checking temperature with a non-contact thermometer and pulse oxygenation outside the office before you are allowed to enter.

Patients must have their own face mask on and hands sanitized before entering the office. We will provide hand sanitizer at the front door.

We are also asking that no food or drink be brought into the office during this time.

For your safety, as well as the safety of our staff, we will be asking the following questions on the phone and when you arrive at the office.

Please be advised, if you answer yes to any of the following 4 statements, we will not be able to see you in the office at this time, and you should consult your primary care physician immediately.

  1. Do you have a fever or any viral symptoms (body aches, chills, fatigue), or any respiratory symptoms (difficulty breathing/coughing)?
  2. Have you or any of the family members within your household tested positive for COVID-19?
  3. Have you been in the presence of someone with COVID-19 in the past two weeks?
  4. Have you or any household members traveled recently to any areas with high numbers of infected patients?

All patients will sign off confirming they have no known exposure and this will be scanned into their chart.

Patients will be scheduled every 45 minutes until further notice.

If you have glasses that need to be picked up or need a minor adjustment, we are also offering curbside service if desired.

Office protective measures

All of our staff will be wearing face masks, gloves, and glasses or safety glasses at all times while inside the office.

The staff will be changing gloves between all patients and cleaning all surfaces throughout the day.

We have installed Plexiglass shields at the check-in and check-out stations as well as on all office instruments when available.

There are floor decals indicating 6 feet social distancing requirements.

We have also removed the magazines and toys from our waiting room to decrease potential for virus transmission.

Hand sanitizer is available for patient use.

All rooms and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between patients. A sign will be placed on each room indicating that it has been cleaned and is ready for the next patient.

All glasses that are tried on by patients will be cleaned and dried before being placed back in optical.

Our office is professionally cleaned twice a week from top to bottom.

More information

If you have an ocular emergency outside of normal office hours please call Dr. Sikes at 910.547.4020 or email him at

Please continue to check our website and social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) for the most current information.