Vision is more than 20/20

The cooling of those muggy temperatures must mean the time of the year has come where we send our loved ones back to school, whether it be with a trapper keeper in hand or the keys to the dorm room.  As we get lost in the excitement of this season, we at Chapel Hill Eyecare wanted to illuminate an important aspect of eye health.  This aspect is so important to us we feel it is one of our core philosophies of how we take care of our patients.


Most of us have heard of the term 20/20.  Indeed, it is one of the common goals as we head into our yearly eye exam.  20/20, however, is at its best merely a single measurement of our sight.  20/20 deals only with whether our eye is able to see clearly.  The beauty of the visual system is that it is so much more in depth, so much more precise.  While SIGHT deals merely with clarity, VISION incorporates all of the aspects of our visual system.  These include working all six extra-ocular eye muscles together (for each eye!) to make sure both eyes are synchronized throughout the brain, all the way back to the visual cortex.

The tricky thing is a child who may have 20/20 vision can still experience a lot of visual problems. These problems may be asymptomatic for the most part, but can have a devastating impact on their performance in school.  If it is uncomfortable for the child to read, they may get frustrated and fall behind.  Incredibly enough, there are a number of kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD mainly because they were unable to pay attention to their school work, when in fact the underlying issue may have been visually related!!!

So start breaking out the long sleeves and stock up on cider, and schedule your child for an exam to make sure that they are ready to succeed this year!!

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