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Got Computer Fatigue? Relax.

Staring at the computer screen have you worn out? Feeling some unwelcome fatigue? Relax. Yes, you should definitely relax … you work hard, you deserve it, but we’re talking about Shamir Relax lenses for relief and prevention of eye fatigue due to computer work.

Why Do I Need My Eyes Dilated?

Having your pupils dilated during an eye exam can make vision blurry for part of the day, but it is critical for a complete eye exam. Dilating your eyes allows the optometrist to fully examine the retina. Most eye exams start with tests to determine what prescription you’ll need to correct your vision, either with …

Can I Swim in Contacts?


Our quick answer is a definite maybe! You shouldn’t swim while wearing contact lenses because bacteria and other micro-organisms that live in the water can attach to your lenses, increasing your risk of serious infection. This includes chlorinated pools and hot tubs. So … really? Never? If you can’t swim without the correction your contacts …